Welcome to the KARAVAN

The traveling tailgate party to Meeting of the Minds!

This is our 9th annual trip and this year we’re starting from Texas and Florida and landing in beautiful Gulf Shores, AL. We’ve partnered with several venues for the weekend before MOTM and with a stop or two, before you know it will be at Lulu’s for the final day on Tuesday. Then we’ll continue the party at several venues including the Hangout for more music and fun right there on the beach! So pack your RV, truck or car and lets go!


Do I need an RV? No!

You can come in your car, van, or camel or whatever you have. There are always hotels nearby, some have even stayed in tents! Just make sure you pack a lawn chair and a cooler!

Where is the registration? Nowhere!

Last year we had great responses to Buddy’s Backyard and the Hawk’s Nest so we’re doubling up on those venues and easing back on the others, so there was no need for a registration this year. And that means those shows will be huge! The official Karavan 2024 shirt will still be available to Karavaners on threadless.com

Where is the Karavan starting? East and West

Where’s the schedule? Here!

I can’t come for the whole thing. Do you have Day Passes? Yes!

Who are the performers? We have Lots!

Donny Brewer, Brent Burns, Mike Miller, Drop Dead Dangerous, Christopher Dale, Mike Nash, monallo, John Patti, Bryton Stoll, Ricky Lamb, Eric Erdman, Stoney Gabel, Dave Thomas, Trevor Bystrom, Reggie Starrett & Aubrey Wollett, Steve Hopper, and maybe more!

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