Here are all the locations, and your registration gets you in to any of them, so you can plan your route the way you want.
(Click on the town to get the address on Google)
Artists and times are subject to change.

5:00pm Christopher Dale, Kelly McGuire
6:30pm MONALLO, SUNNY JIM w/Donny Brewer & Trevor Bystrom
4:00 Paul Tull
5:00 Mike Miller
6:30 Bryton Stoll
3:00pm Aaron Scherz, Carrie Welling, EDBH (John Allan Miller)
1:00pm Bob Durand
2:15pm Christopher Dale
3:45pm Stoney Gabel
5:30pm Eric Erdman
7:00pm Alabama/LSU watch party
4:00pm Mike Nash, Donny Brewer, Sunny Jim, Dave Thomas
2:30 BRyton Stoll
4:00 Kelly McGuire
5:30 Ricky Lamb
7:00 Thom Shepherd
3:00pm MIke Nash, Donny Brewer, John Patti
10:00-12:00 Nekkid in a gutter Bwling tournament and more!
4:30 PHiP presents Tuesday on the island (hosted by Donny Brewer)

KARAVANers are supposed to have special seating here!